In the first post I made here, almost 5 years ago now, thanking everyone mentioned above, I left 3 people off of my nonacademic people list that without a doubt should been mentioned. In fact, they should have been mentioned first, but due to some factors that I will not mention here, I left them off. However, at this time, I would first like to thank Stephanie Ward. Not everyone in the world is college material, and even for those that are, it takes a tremendous amount of sacrifice to make it through, as all that have walked that path can attest to. Personally, there is no price that I won’t pay, no sacrifice that I won’t make, and no hardship that I won’t endure if it will get me what I want. Many years ago, I promised myself that I would make it through school at any cost, and I did just that. However, for half my life and my entire academic life, Stephanie was my life, and she paid the price, made the sacrifices, and endured the hardships right alongside of me. It takes a special girl to understand that on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, same as every other night, we are not going to be going anywhere or doing anything together because I have to stay home and study. She took care of everything not related to academics so that I could worry about only that, and in doing so, she gave up her hopes and dreams so that I could live mine. Plus, she was my confidant about everything that crossed my mind, as well as a whole lot of other stuff too. I truly could not have made it through school without her. Likewise, Stephanie’s mamma and daddy were the parents that I never had for as long as we were together, and without them, the struggles that Stephanie and I faced together would have only been compounded. Therefore, I would also like to thank Jerry and Lorene Ward for all that they did for me as well.



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